Nursing education in Mandalay started since 1958 as a nursing and midwifery training school located within the campus of Mandalay General Hospital. It was three years training course conferred a diploma in nursing and midwifery certificate under the guidance and supervision of Institute of Medicine, Mandalay. The rector of the medical institute took responsibility for administrative aspects of the training school whereas principal took responsibility for academic matters.

     In 1996, training school was moved to the new building situated between 62nd and 63rd streets, Chan-Mya-Thar-Si Township, Mandalay, but still under the guidance of rector of medical institute.  It was upgraded to a university level as institute of nursing in 1998 with four years training courses conferred B.N.Sc (Generic) degree for those who passed selection examination after passing basic education high school (B.E.H.S) examination. Academic matters and general administration were done independently from medical institute and was lead by rector posted separately. Three years training course was still present within the same building with the supervision of principal for academic matter.

     In 2000, student’s selection had been changed and was selected according to their aggregate marks obtained in B.E.H.S examination. Two years B.N.Sc (Bridge) course for government nurses holding certificate of diploma in nursing was established in 2002 and Master of Nursing Science course was opened in 2004. In 2006, nursing and midwife training was separated and midwifery training school was moved to the 68th street between 30th and 31st street near the campus of central women hospital.