A Phenomenological Study of Myanmar Women with Total Hysterectomy 2006
Daw San San Htay

A Phenomenological Study of The Patients with Diabetes Mellitus 2006
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A Phenomenological Study of The Family Members of Persons with Alcohol Dependent Syndrome 2006
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The Lived Experiences of HIV-Infected Pregnant Women: A Feminist Approach 2008
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The Lived Experiences of Healthy Aging Persons in The Community: A Phenomenological Approach 2008
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The Lived Experiences of Nurses in Providing Nursing Care to Cancers Patients: A Phenomenological Approach 2008
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The Lived Experiences of Patients with Paraplegia after Spinal Injury During Hospitalization. 2009
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The Lived Experiences of Mother Who Have Children with Leukemia: Phenomenological Approach 2009
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The Lived Experiences of Persons Affected By Leprosy: Phenomenological Approach 2009 
Daw Tin Ma Ma Maung

The Lived Experiences of Menopausal Women: Phenomenological Study 2009
Daw Bya Ma Lay

Experiences of Family Living with Women Undergoing Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer (Qualitative Research: Case Study Method) 2010
Daw Aye Myint Khaing

Knowledge and Attitude on Family Planning among Women Who Have Miscarriage ( EMPIRICAL APPROACH; Descriptive Study) 2010
Daw Thandar Khin

Preception of Postnatal Women on Nurse’s Role During Labour and Delivery (A Mixed Method Study) 2010
Daw Aye Aye  Khaing