The university campus is situated on the 62nd street between Sabai and Tharaphi streets at extended area of Mandalay City block No. 1 of Chanmyatharzi Township, Mandalay region. It is about 7.1 acres wide with three main four-storeyed building A, B and D for academic and administrative affairs and a flat one Building E, previously used as dining hall. Another four-storeyed building C is used as a hostel for junior teaching staff and B.N.Sc (Bridge) students. Other four-storeyed buildings H-1, H-2, I-1, I-2 and J are used as staff quarters.

Building A is the largest one with two attached lecture theatres of 150 students’ capacity. The Administrative Office, Library, Skill laboratory of Fundamental Nursing Department, Common Science Laboratory, Internet room, Computer Section, Main Store rooms, Multimedia Teaching Auditorium, Language Lab, Mental Health Nursing Departments, Six Lecture rooms of 50 students’ capacity and one Lecture Hall of 70 students’ capacity.

Nursing departments: Adult Health Nursing, Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing and Fundamental Nursing departments and Arts and Science departments: Myanmar, English, Physics and Chemistry departments are situated in Building B.

Building D is occupied with medical departments including Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Human Biology (Physiology and Anatomy) and Pharmacology. Building E is now renovated for skill training of students as a common room for all nursing departments.

Students’ recreation room and canteens are situated in the separate area within the university compound.