Departmental History

The Department of Pharmacology was established on 28th November 2008. The first Lecturer and Head of Department was Dr. Thein May Saw. She served from 24.12.1998 to 11.2.2000. Dr. Win Win May, the second Lecturer and Head, served from 8.8.2000 to 4.10.2002. From 4.10.2002 to 9.9.2010, the post for the Head of Department was vacant. During these time, the Department was supervised by the Rector, Professor Dr. Khin Nyunt Than and the Rector, Professor Dr. Mar Lar Win successively. From 31.8.2010 to 9.9.2010 Dr. Myat Min served as a joint head of department temporarily just for a short period. From this time onwards up to 9.12.2011 Dr. Yee Yee Tun under the supervision of Dr. Mar Lar Win took the responsibility of department. From 9.12.2011 to 22.2.2016 Dr. Win Htut Aung was posted as the head of department. From 22.2.2016 to date Dr. Win Htut Aung was assigned as teaching in charge under the supervision of professor Dr. Nwe Nwe Than, professor and head of department of pharmacology, UMM.

Departmental Objectives

At the end of the course the student should be able to:

  1. acquire the knowledge of basic principles of Pharmacology
  2. understand thoroughly the pharmacology of drugs with approach to clinical application of drug therapy
  3. understand the pharmacologic basic of therapeutic agents so as to explain the nursing diagnosis
  4. relate the actions of drugs to their uses and untoward effects
  5. describe the acquisition of skill in nursing implications of drugs
  6. have an interest in Pharmacology as an essential subject which plays an important integral part in the scientific treatment of diseases

have awareness of variability of drug responses and existence of drug interactions which may modify usual pharmacological actions.

Course Conducted

Undergraduate Course

     - Second year B.N.Sc (Generic) course

Method of Teaching

Lecture -  64 hr


  • Mid Term Test – 3hr ( MCQ+MSQ ),40% of classwork
  • Semester End Test – 3hr ( MCQ+MSQ),40% of classwork
  • Assignment – student own hours ( 20% of classwork )

Course Outline

At the end of the course, the students should be able to understand thoroughly the basic principles of Pharmacology and Pharmacologic basis of therapeutic agents so as to implement the good nursing care. 


  1. General Pharmacology
  2. Autonomic Nervous System
  3. Cardiovascular Pharmacology
  4. Pharmacology of Central Nervous System
  5. Analgesics
  6. Antipsychotic Drugs
  7. Renal Pharmacology
  8. GI pharmacology
  9. Endocrine pharmacology
  10. Respiratory pharmacology
  11. Local Hormones
  12. Antimicrobial chemotherapy
  13. Cancer chemotherapy
  14. Haematinic Agent
  15. Rational prescribing and Essential Drugs concepts
  16. Weights and Measures

Teaching Faculties (Pharmacology)


Head of Department

Prof Dr. Nwe Nwe Than

M.Med.Sc. ( pharmacology)


Former Heads

Dr. Win Htut Aung 2016 - 2020
Dr. Myat Min 2010 - 2010
Dr. Win Win May 2000 - 2002
Dr. Thein May Saw 1998 - 2000
Assistant Lecturer  
Dr. Zin Zin Tun M.B., B.S.
Dr. Hsu Wint Htet M.B., B.S.
Dr. Phyo Shan Hpone M.B., B.S.