Departmental History

The Department of Fundamental Nursing was established on 28th, November, 1998. Daw San San Yin was appointed as a tutor on 21st, September, 1998. Daw Lin Lin Khine was assigned as Assistant Lecturer on 21st, April, 2000. Then, Professor Daw Tin Nwe has taken responsibilities of the department from 16.10.2000 to 17.1.2008. After that, Daw Khin Win was appointed as Lecturer and Head of the department from 7.7.2008 to 3.2.2013 and promoted as Associate Professor and Head of the department from 4.2.2013 to 16.3.2015. At present, Daw Khin Win is working as Pro- Rector (Academic) and Head of the department since 17.3.2015.

Departmental Objectives

At the end of the course the student should be able to:
 1. acquire knowledge in Nursing Foundation, which is applied in taking care of individual/ family/ community, including Nursing      theories, Nursing process and basic nursing procedures.
 2. perform nursing measure to access the patient.
 3. perform basic nursing measures to meet physical needs of patient.
 4. perform basic protective measures for safety needs of patient.
 5. perform the basic patient care, medication administration, gastrointestinal/ metabolic procedures.
 6. describe how historical images has influenced the development of nursing as a profession.
 7. discuss health and illness models, variables influencing health beliefs and practices and health promotion and illness      prevention.
 8. acquire basic knowledge, beginning skills and attitude related to the promotion an maintenance of health.
 9. write a mini research proposal.
10. acquire basic knowledge and beginning skills related to administration and management when given patient care situations.

Undergraduate and postgraduate programs
Undergraduate Course

1. First Year B.N.Sc (Generic) Course
2. Second Year B.N.Sc (Generic) Course
3. Third Year B.N.Sc (Generic) Course
4. Fourth Year B.N.Sc (Generic) Course
5. First Year B.N.Sc (Bridge) Course
6. Second Year B.N.Sc (Bridge) Course
7. Diploma in Specialty (Critical Care Nursing) Course

Postgraduate Course
8. M.N.Sc (Nursing Administration and Management)
9. M.N.Sc (Critical Care Nursing)

Prescribed Text and References

American Nurses' Association, 1973, Nursing Process Overview (A Step –by- Step Guide).
Belland, K.W., Wells, M.A., 1984, Clinical Nursing Procedures, Wadsworth Health Sciences Devision, Califonia.
Tacob, A., Rekha, A., & Tarachand, J.S., 2010, Clinical Nursing Procedures: The Art of Nursing Practice, 2nd edition, Janpee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) LTD, St Louis.
Text Book of Concepts and theories in Nursing

Learning Resources

-Learning Resource Centre, University of Nursing, Mandalay
-Internet accessibility
-Teaching Hospital   _ Mandalay General Hospital, 300- Bedded Teaching Hospital, 550 Children Hospital, 300 Children Hospital, Orthopedic Hospital


-Nursing Competition
-Blood Donation Ceremony in International Nurses' Day

Notice Board

-Student Assessment Results (Marks)
-Teaching Schedule for Faculty
-Time-table for Students

Teaching Faculties (Fundamental Nursing)


Head of Department

Prof. Dr Nyi Nyi Htay

B.N.Sc(Bridge), M.N.Sc, Ph.D(Nursing)(Mahidol)

Former Heads


Daw Tin Nwe

Prof. Daw Khin Win

2000 - 2008

2008- 2017

Assistant Lecturers  
Daw Tin Ma Ma Maung B.N.Sc (Ygn), M.N.Sc (Mdy)
Daw Khin Nilar Thaung B.N.Sc, M.N.Sc
Daw Aye Myint Khaing B.N.Sc, M.N.Sc
Daw Thandar Khin B.N.Sc, M.N.Sc
Daw Kay Thwe Moe B.N.Sc, M.N.Sc
Daw Thaint B.N.Sc, M.N.Sc,B.Sc(Maths)
Daw Chaw Su Min B.N.Sc (Generic)
Daw Hla Myo Nwe B.N.Sc (Generic)
Daw Wai Wai Aung Po B.N.Sc, M.N.Sc
Daw May Zaw Myo B.N.Sc
Daw Yin Yin Moe B.N.Sc (Generic)
Daw May Thwe Htar B.N.Sc (Generic), Diploma in Specialty (Orthopedic Nursing)
Daw Hsu Myat Noe Wai B.N.Sc (Generic)
Daw Htoo Wai Lwin B.N.Sc (Generic)
Daw Win Thazin Soe B.N.Sc
Daw Thanda Win B.N.Sc
Daw Theint Wai Aung B.N.Sc
Daw Nyein Chan Nge Nge B.N.Sc
Daw Yin Win Htike B.N.Sc
Daw Myat Lay Khaing B.N.Sc
U Myo Tint B.N.Sc


Curriculum (Fundamental Nursing)


Year Subject Lecture hours Lab hours Clinical hours Tutorial Test hours Total hours
1st Yr B.N.Sc(G) Nursing Foundation
 2nd Yr B.N.Sc(G) Nursing Foundation


 - 120  71


 3rd Yr B.N.Sc(G) Nursing Research and Statistics  80  -  -  -  80
4th yr B.N.Sc(G) Nursing Administration and Management  45  -  105  10


1st Yr B.N.Sc(B)

Concepts and Theories of Nursing

Nursing Administration and Management

Nursing Research and Statistics
















2nd Yr  Nursing Administration   40  -  105  - 145