Departmental History             
Department of Physics was established on 28th November 1998. The Department was run by Daw Tin Tin Than from 15-3-1999 to 1-2-2000 and Daw  Htay Htay Myint from 2.2.2000 to 13.11.2008. Now, Daw Phyu Phyu Khaing is the head of the department. She has been assigned to the post since 27-10-2009.

Departmental Objectives

 At the end of the course the student should be able to:

1.    understand the basic concepts and fundamental principles in Physics
2.    understand and verify physical laws, which will be applicable in their medical career
3.    acquire the knowledge of the use of electrical instruments and the function of electrical equipments for medical purpose
4.    appreciate the applied aspects of medically oriented Physics
5.    be aware of the advances in Physics and the usefulness of these advances in the field of modern medicine


Prescribed Test Books  

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Nave. C. R and Nave ( Latest ed).Physics for Health Science. W. B. Saunders Co.,

Reference Books

White, H.E. ( Latest ed ). Modern collage Physics. D.Van Notrand Company Inc.,

London and Affiliated East-West Press Private Ltd. New Delhi.

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